From the need for a dedicated Healthcare & Infection Control division, Balthasar Medical Supply Healthcare spun off to Distribute/Supply 3M/Halyard in the NETHERLANDS, USA,UK, RUSSIA, POLAND.

RUS – От необходимости в специализированном отделе здравоохранения и инфекционного контроля Balthasar Medical Supply Healthcare переходит к распределению / поставке 3M / Halyard в США, Великобритании, РОССИИ, ПОЛЬШЕ.

NL Van de behoefte aan een toegewijde divisie Healthcare & Infection Control, ging Balthasar Medical Supply Healthcare op weg naar Distribute / Supply 3M / Halyard in NEDERLAND, USA, UK, RUSLAND, POLEN..

Balthasar’srole in the Medical supplies is to support, develop and promote 3M/Halyard and other brands, into the widest range of markets possible within the Healthcare remit.   Through promotions, marketing support, samples and product knowledge Balthasar continues to develop and enable its customers & distributors to take increasing market share in these markets

More recently the spin-off of Kimberly-Clark Healthcare to Halyard Health has brought an increased range of clinically-superior products to Balthasar Medical Supply UK which in turn enables us to create new opportunities for our customers.


6 Reasons Why You Should Choose BALTHASAR MEDICAL SUPPLY

Focus on production for 20 years, we are the strongest manufacturer for disposable gloves and wipes.

Professional Experience

20 years production and distribution in the disposable gloves and wipe industry.

Professional Experience

20 years production and distribution in the disposable gloves and wipe industry.

Competitive Price

Automatic production lines and well trained workers to optimize efficiency and reduce cost greatly, BALTHASAR MEDICAL SUPPLY support you to be the most competitive distributor in your region.

Short Lead Time

More than 300 well-trained workers in our factories, more than 1000 containers exported annually. We are professional and flexible according to your requirements.

Multi Solutions

Our knowledge of the local market, combined with the production plans, will support you to have multi solutions of the purchasing plan.

Customer Service

Top sales with professional skills make you never feel difficult to communicate with a factory, all BALTHASAR MEDICAL SUPPLY staff will stand by you, reply your inquiry and solve your problem, no matter pre-sales or after-sales

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